IT Solutions – How  To Keep Your Computer Safe

In today’s digital age, we people depend extensively on our systems to do our jobs. Most of what we do is using a computer/laptop/phone which makes our work and our data vulnerable to security breaches. Here are some ways to protect our systems from such vulnerabilities.
Before diving into protective methods it is important to recognize the ways in which our system’s security can be compromised. The first is through viruses or hacking programs that find their way in through hardware, the other is through the most widely used service using a system which is ‘The Internet’. The ways in which we protect our system from both are slightly different from each other.
Tips to protect the system from hardware sources
1. Always scan pen drives/ hard discs before opening it to view files. Never skip this step even if the person you are borrowing it from is a reliable friend
2. Do not boot with a hardware device in your system. The system is very vulnerable during boot up and cannot protect itself from attacks during boot time.
3. Have an anti-virus software to scan provide total security and not just internet security.
Tips to protect the system from attacks through the internet
1. Make sure your firewall is turned on and is up to date.
2. Backing up data protects you from the most recent type of security risk which is the ‘ransom ware’ which locks your data and demands money to access your own data.
3. Having your data in cloud storage automatically protects your data as they are owned by reliable companies having top notch security
4. Access only reliable websites. You can identify reliable sites by looking for ‘https:// at the beginning of the URL especially while visiting banking sites.
5. Avoid opening links from unknown senders on e mail. Instead, try to access the sites through directly visiting the website instead.
6. Don’t fall for the ‘too good to be true’ deals. If you look at a deal on the internet and feel it is too good to be true, then trust your instinct and don’t go for it.
There are IT solutions such as apps and software provided by different IT solution companies that help us do the above periodically and effectively, to ensure maximum safety of our systems
If you are a person who deals with sensitive information then do go in for reliable security software’s or preferably, customized IT solutions to keep your system safe.

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