Mandatory Features in B2B Travel Software Solutions

B2B travel software solutions or websites provide the service of booking flights, hotels and other travelling conveniences or even planning a complete trip altogether. A B2B travel website is like the face of a company as it introduces its customer to the company’s various features and utility being offered. The users have to find answers to all the travelling related issues and fulfil their requirements at one stop, that is, a well-organised travel website.

  • Attractive and user-friendly – The most important feature that attracts the customers is the website’s first impression accompanied by its user-friendly structure. The B2B travel website needs to be more useful than confusing that shall allow the users to have a better command at decision making. Offering different alternatives at one place allows them to get a better grip in capturing their potential users. A well organised and flexible B2B website draws attention and helps in the growth of a company.
  • Accuracy – The travel agents should be aware of the real-time statuses of the hotels and flights listed with the website that would allow them to book the hotels and flights accurately and as per their convenience. The real-time statuses help in booking a spot beforehand which would further avoid the inconveniences. The rate fluctuation helps in decision making allowing the users to act accordingly.
  • Round the clock support – The B2B travel website should offer customer support to its agents 24×7. This helps in clarifying various issues that might pop up due to certain contingencies with the customers or their sub-agents. The usefulness of a readily available executive helps in mitigating the risks or losses that might occur due to confusions or other factors like if there is a change in travelling date or time.
  • Options regarding E-wallets and payments and providing discounts/offersIf the website is offering various types of online payment options and use of different E-wallets, it helps in easing out the booking process. A good B2B travel website allows the agents to use different offers and discount options available with the website. It helps in the growth of the business which eventually attracts potential customers.

The focus on these B2B travel website is immense and rightly so. The website needs to be user-friendly, flexible, well structured and offer proper support to its agents as it entirely depends on its accuracy and reliability.

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