Wonders of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is being rapidly embraced by companies across. Here are some of its benefits which explain why it is so popular.

Cost effective: Cloud-based file sharing service you pay 75 % less than investing in traditional or physical disk storage devices.

Scalable: Whether your storage requirement is 1TB, 2TB or beyond cloud-based file sharing service keep you worry free as you do not need to compromise on the storage issues. However, this can be a huge concern for storage requirements of your file server, if your file server has a maximum capacity of 1TB but then your usage demands are 2 TB, now you will end up buying additional disk drives to accommodate the extra space. Again you will have to buy additional external store once you run out of these spaces too.

Reliable: Cloud services are much more reliable than in-house services, and this is especially true for in-house small businesses. Cloud-based services offer high scalability which is equally reliable. Cloud services are offered by giant organizations such as Google, IBM, Amazon, and Microsoft. Such large companies offer high-density redundancies which are not easily achievable by small companies. State-of-the-art data centers with multiple redundancies make cloud-based services highly reliable. Also, cloud based IT solutions are offered with multiple servers such that if one server were to blow up, other servers in lieu would bear the load. Severs are found running in different cities in different parts of the world, so for instance, if bad weather blows up one of the servers there will be other data centers to keep the systems running. Small business can hardly cope up with the deep redundancies required to run servers. Hence they strongly rely on the services offered by clouds.

Hassle-free: Although a bitter truth IT can be quite a hassle in terms of a software upgrade, hardware maintenance, open source patches, backup etc. cloud-based services allows businesses to outsource such complex system maintenance chores, thus offering a greater flexibility and increased productivity. Simultaneously, it allows businesses to take advantage of different services without enduring the hassles.

Globally accessible: Accessing cloud-based services are easy with global internet connectivity. Multinational companies no longer need separate servers in separate offices located in different cities in different parts of the worlds. Through cloud computing colleagues in different offices can easily share data, which was much less seamless in the traditional computing ecosystem.

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